Verified Candidate® is a proprietary system that was developed by Ellomeh HR Services to simplify and strengthen the hiring process for our clients. For years recruitment has been more of an art than a science, with different firms offering varying levels of screening depth. At Ellomeh HR Service, we are committed to presenting fully vetted candidates to our clients, allowing you to focus on fit and culture through your interview process instead of simply validating skill sets.

As the most comprehensive employer-candidate matching system in the market today, The Verified Candidate® System is the top resource for ensuring a strong hire and a lasting placement.

Verified Candidate Advantage

Each of our Verified Candidates® are evaluated utilizing a rigorous, multi-phase screening process composed of over 250 individual data points. Our technical, situational and behavioural questions help determine how a candidate will perform in your business, and how they will fit into your culture. Comprehensive background data, including verification of education, associations, and professional accreditation are all included in the process. We are so committed to ensuring that your candidate is Verified, we won’t complete our placement until this process is 100% complete.


  •  Detailed Pre-Interview Questionnaire

    Each of our candidates completes a detailed registration and questionnaire that provides unbiased insight towards their career goals and needs.

  •  Structured Phone Interview

    Prior to meeting candidates and considering them for your opportunity, we ensure they meet a variety of basic criteria and are eligible for certification.

  •  Formal, In-Person Interview

    Our in-house recruitment team specializes in niche areas, providing them with unique insights to a candidate’s background and industry experience. Our recruiters’ knowledge of your industry results in a more thorough and tailored interview.

  •  At Minimum, Two Supervisory References

    Ellomeh HR Service will independently verify past positions with a thorough, professional reference check. While our standard reference checks are extremely comprehensive, we offer the ability for clients to customize their questions or ask for additional detail in key areas.

  •  Education Verification

    Prior to the completion of any placement, we diligently verify the relevant educational background of our candidates.

  •  Professional Membership and Accreditation Verification

    We maintain relationships with major professional organizations and associations across most industries, and we verify our candidates’ eligibility and/or status with these groups prior to the completion of each placement.

  •  Customized Screening

    Recruitment Processes are different for every company. We maintain our flexibility while working with you so that our process mirrors your own.

  •  Criminal Record & Credit Checks

    For sensitive environments, we offer full-service background checks through our partners, ensuring you feel confident about your hire.

  •  Global Average Testing

    Depending on the skills that are important for success in the role, we can offer skills testing and comparisons against the global average.


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