Tips From Ellomeh HRS On Dealing With Inappropriate behaviour In The Work Place

20 Nov

Tips From Ellomeh HRS On Dealing With Inappropriate behaviour In The Work Place

Tips From Ellomeh HRS On Dealing With Inappropriate behaviour In The Work Place

It has become a common practice nowadays to recommend friends, relatives and ex-colleagues  to work together. This leads to a lot of familiarity, lack of seriousness,compromises and inappropriate behavior in the work environment. Every workplace has one. Those difficult employees that drive everyone up the wall and make life difficult for those around them. Whether it be that they are argumentative, lazy or just doesn’t complete their duties, they can be a nightmare for managers to deal with, and make the office environment hellish.

Not only can inappropriate frustrating on a personal level, they can have a hugely negative effect on productivity and performance of the company as a whole.

Considering the competition in business today, Businesses cannot afford any inappropriate behavior , no matter from whom it might be coming from.

There comes a time when it’s enough and you as the In-charge, Supervisor, Manager, and even Owner has to put and end, otherwise, it might cause an irrecoverable lost and tarnish the business reputation and and obviously lost of business or revenue. 

Here is How Ellomeh HRS deals with such behaviour and highly recommends to her partners 

1.Establish and implement company culture.

Ellomeh HRS, has establish a culture base on respect, trust, integrity which will send a sense of caution  and   that counteracts  inappropriate behavior.We make sure each employee reads, explain in their own words, ask questions and signed copies which are placed in their individual files. 

2.Approach and Tackle Before It Gets Out Of Control.

Even though inappropriate behavior can lead you into  frustration, irritation and anguish, the quickest and cleanest way to resolve such a problem is to keep your ears open and try to develop an understanding of why the employee is being particularly difficult. Our HR Officer calls the employee up and led them know of how inappropriate their behavior is and it consequences to the company.You have to do this, Only then will you be able to face the issue head on with a clear plan to find a solution.How many managers moan and complain about a certain member of their team to every person under the sun, except the one that matters the most.

3.Open a Clear Communication channel

We have a channel of communication, clearly explained.Listening may also shed light on an issue that is out of the employee’s hands, but is bringing them down. Knowing the specifics may help you know where the fault lies, and how to go about fixing it.Before you take any drastic measures, it is important to make it clear to the individual in question that you have issues with their behaviour or performance.They may not have realised the effect they were having, and the fair warning gives them the opportunity to alter their behaviour without it needing to go further.

4.Keep record of discussions and agreement reached with the employee.

The biggest mistake  a manager can commit when dealing with a long-term problematic employee is not writing everything down. We at Ellomeh HRS keeps a record of every interaction and instance in which behaviour or performance is cause for concern.You do not want to be in a position in which you are forced to stick with an unpleasant or incompetent worker who refuses to change their ways, simply because you don’t have the evidence to support your claims.Even if you are hopeful of eliciting a change and don’t want to appear too negative, keeping a record is the safest and most prudent step you can take. Hopefully the notes will never need to see the light of day, but should it come to it, you’ll be thankful you were so prepared.

5.Line out the consequences of a failure to change.

Upon discussing your concerns with the member of staff, it is important to make it clear why you are calling them out at this particular stage, and look for signs that they accept their behaviour has not been acceptable. Ellomeh HRS initiates an undertaking statement.

Once this has been established, it is vital that the consequences of a failure to turn things around are laid out clearly and with little room for doubt. Not only could this prove a strong motivational tactic, with the fear of being docked wages or being sacked spurring the individual on, but it will strengthen your case.By setting out specifics, such as “I expect you to have achieved this task by the end of the month, or you will be receiving a formal warning”, the difficult employee will be able to clearly see the negative impact a continuation of their behaviour will have on their own professional life.

Leaving things open ended and merely telling them that there will be trouble down the line does not have the same effect.

6.Stick to your principles and be courageous.

When an employee is making the working environment a nightmare, or is proving to be the bane of your life, it is easy to lose yourself and bad-mouth them. However, it simply isn’t worth letting your professionalism be affected.

Instead, take clear and decisive action without stirring up trouble  for yourself; you don’t want to give the individual any ammunition to use against you should the situation be taken up a notch.

The most important aspect of dealing with a difficult employee is to be brave though. Having the confidence and courage to refuse to allow damaging behaviour or performances to continue endlessly will make for a far more productive workplace.

Ellomeh group  has for over the years shape behaviour and culture and has best work place as per survey 2 years in a roll.

Your culture is your price-stag.

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