When you work with Ellomeh Human Resource Services, you will be allocated a dedicated specialist recruitment consultant. They will act as an account manager and will make every effort to fully understand your organisation and your requirements. Maintaining one point of contact in this way gives you the benefit of ease and consistency. Your consultant will keep you informed throughout the recruitment process and will offer advice and suggestions as required.

After taking a full job brief, your consultant will then conduct a search of our large and sophisticated databases, Ellomeh Human Resource Services website registered candidates and other recruitment portals. Prospective candidates will be contacted and prescreened, and the CVs of those who are suitable will be forwarded to you. If there are suitable candidates on our database, we aim to do this within 1-3 working days.

You will only receive CVs that closely match your specific requirements. Your consultant will contact you to confirm receipt of these details and receive feedback. Ellomeh Human Resource Services will also, at times and at its discretion, advertise positions on various recruitment portals and our own popular website which attracts applications from all over the world.

At your request, we will arrange interviews and provide ongoing client-candidate liaison through to a successful conclusion. We will continue to work with you until the right candidate has been selected.

How does Ellomeh Human Resource Services handle recruitment process?

We strongly believe in forming a long-term partnership with our client in the said area. As a search consultant Ellomeh Human Resource Services will work on both retainer or on a contingency (adhoc) basis. To begin with, a candidate may face difficulty in adapting to the new environment and different culture each company represents. Therefore, before commencing on any recruitment, we visit client’s organization to understand their working environment and work culture and to discuss the job description in detail. By doing this, feel confident in searching the quality and most qualified candidates to meet client’s esteem company requirements and candidates can be given accurate information on the company and an idea of their future career prospects.


How does Ellomeh Human Resource Services assist to source the right candidate?

Considering the job description, we decide the best approach either through recruitment, advertisements or direct search in client’s desired countries. We also source candidate through our internal database which is up to date and increasing day by day.

We guarantee total confidentiality for placements, for integrity of client’s organization and candidates. The interviews, for the same reason, will be held at our premises in concerned countries.

In case of bulk recruitment, we do welcome client’s selection panel to the concerned country. The tickets are borne by the client however; we become host for the lodging and messing in concerned country.


How does Ellomeh Recruitment  Services conduct a search?

  • Determine the industry structure.
  • Understanding structures in which the required candidate is currently employed.
  •  Contacting companies, associations and organizations to identify relevant candidates in a related industry.
  •  Launching searches with companies, associations, colleges, universities, etc. to identify candidates that have preferences in the said industry.
  • Through our existing database and network of contacts.
  • Through advertisements in newspapers in desired countries. This is done after getting government approvals and permissions.

How does Ellomeh Recruitment  Services select the candidates?

The Ellomeh Human Resource Services consultants/group company partners will be conducting the interviews on behalf of client. They ensure that candidate is suitable for the position and is able to fit into the company culture. We also scrutinize their motivation for changing jobs.

After comprehensive interviews, we cross check the candidate’s references with their previous employers or any known contacts. References are important as part of our recruitment process as it verifies the qualities and achievements the candidate has obtained. We then shortlist at least 3 ( or as specified)  candidates for the final interview with our client.

We then provide a comprehensive report on each candidate detailing their experience and our findings on their suitability for the job. Client’s meetings/interviews (Skype or physical) with the candidates (if required) are organized thereafter and followed up by us.

The normal process for headhunting will take

  • 2-3 weeks to identify and source the candidates (search duration may be shorter depending on the availability of candidates/required skills).
  • 2-3 weeks to conduct the interviews and to present a shortlist of candidates.
  • The final stage involve client directly for interviewing and negotiating with the selected candidates and this depends upon your availability of client.

Part of our mission with you is to serve as a mediator between the candidates and the company to ensure mutual understanding and communication. We also endeavor to assist the selected candidate in a smooth transition, assist the candidate to abide by or to renegotiate the notice requirements of their previous company

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