Dear Friend, Job Seekers, Employers, Clients and Visitors of Ellomeh HR Services website, you are much welcome  to our site

Until recently, the significance of HR services had not been realized.

What brought about and has kept Ellomeh HR Services at the fore front of HR  Services, is our  appreciation and acceptance that  a  right and adequate HR department and  management  of it, be it out-source or internally manage  is the back bone of every successful company.

Partnering with a distinguished HR Service provider such as Ellomeh HRS which is passionate and has for over the years exceed expectations of it clientele will be an opportunity for a true end to end HR solution.

From selection, screening, training up to full contract support, we supply client’s specific requirement. We are your HR partner for life. We are totally committed to a culture of excellence and unwaveringly focused on maximum customer satisfaction.

We are fully equipped to provide:

  • Recruitment services (Nationally and Internationally) from top executives, Line staff as well as ordinary labor.
  • Fully manage attendance and complete Payroll
  • HR Audit
  • Supply, Train and provide regular services on call for your HR software
  • We as well carryout career coaching to prepare each and every candidate for the right job.

Our success is measured by the fast growing list of satisfied clients on both ends. From candidates seeking suitable job opportunities to Companies in search of manpower. Each and everyone’s satisfaction is a top priority to us.

As the CEO of Ellomeh  HR Services, my goal is synchronized with that of the group, which is to become the best HR Solution partner in Cameroon, African and why not the world. We are here because you are there. We are your partners; your satisfaction is our satisfaction.

All you need is to get in touch with us, express your HR requirements and then relax. Every single detail will be taken care of. We are your partners. Be you

  • Job Seeker
  • Company Owner/Management.

We hope  to  always  serve you right and  meet your  needs.


Chief Executive Officer

Caroline  Ello Chu

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