How to catch the attention of headhunters and land yourself in the boss’ chair

12 Feb

How to catch the attention of headhunters and land yourself in the boss’ chair

Do You Ever Dream Of One Day Becoming A Boss Yourself?

Where do you hope your ambitions will take you? Looking to be the top dog with the prime office space and all the perks of being the boss?

It is a dream that many of us share; a desire to make it to the top and become a senior manager in an organisation is a common goal for most ambitious workers, regardless of what industry they are in.

Often the quickest route to success and finding such a position is to be headhunted; sought out directly by a recruiting company to parachute you in and take on a senior position. Being approached by a headhunter can be a moment of immense pride as it is recognition of your proven ability and experience, as well as land you a position you may otherwise miss out on.

But how do you attract headhunters and ensure that you are worth more than a cursory glance? After all, this could be your way in to a huge progression step in your career, as well as an increase in salary and responsibilities, so knowing a trick or two could have huge implications.


Before you can even dream of being headhunted, you need to actually be visible to any potential recruiters. Indeed, you may have all the necessary skills and then some, with a CV to envy any competitor, but if nobody knows to find you then it will come to nothing.

Giving yourself ample exposure and putting yourself out there is key, and social media is the place to start. A thorough and carefully thought-out LinkedIn account, coupled with a regularly updated Twitter account, is an absolute must.

These are platforms to express yourself, so populate them with your commentary on relevant topics to your field. This will make you stand out from an increasingly packed crowd, and show that you are something of an authority in your industry, which is exactly what a headhunter is looking for.

Personal branding

Being a knowledgeable voice ties in with your personal branding, which is another crucial aspect of catching the attention of a headhunter. Being noticed and referenced is a fantastic way of knowing that you can walk the walk as well as talk the talk, so if this is something you can flaunt then do so.

Blogging and having something to say on the latest topics and developments in your field will give you greater exposure and allow headhunters to formulate a better opinion of you quickly.


Don’t rely on your online profile to grab the attention of headhunters, as this can only take you so far. In addition to this, get out there and network. It’s time to create a buzz about yourself so mixing at the right events is hugely important.

Building a good number of contacts and networking effectively increases the chances of someone dropping your name when the headhunters are searching around, and a reference here could be enough to land you a job.

Become the best candidate you can be

Headhunters are looking for someone who excels at what they do and have the skills and experience to fit into the boots that need to be filled.

If you are determined to be headhunted for a senior role, then start putting yourself in a position in which you will be taken seriously as a genuine candidate. This means adding polish to your existing skill set and working on your leadership, teamwork and communication.

All of these are likely to prove to be of huge importance, so it is well worth thinking about how you can develop your core skills and add experience.

Likewise, are there any skills that may be specific to your industry or line of work? It may be worth completing courses or training programmes to show how serious you are about bettering yourself professionally. Indeed, additional qualifications could come in handy and add some real weight to your CV, whilst learning another language could also prove useful.

Reach out yourself

Putting yourself in a position to be noticed by headhunters can be achieved through networking and making active use of LinkedIn, especially by joining certain niche groups within your line of work.

However, you can also take the traditional route and actively seek out headhunters yourself, thereby turning the tables and putting yourself in their thoughts directly.

Getting in touch with headhunters and looking to build up a relationship with them can help you down the line, but don’t go overboard or look to force the issue.

This could come down to writing a simple thank you letter after a conversation at a conference or an event, or an email looking to discuss further matters. However you decide to approach it, politeness and thoughtfulness will make you a memorable candidate in the future.

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