Making your way up the corporate ladder is hard work.  Each step is more challenging than the last.  You’ve made a tremendous investment to get to this stage of your career so it only makes sense to work with an executive coach to help get you to the next threshold and to make sure you are successful, professionally and personally.

Bill Gates famously statedeveryone needs a coach“.  Eric Schmidt said “the one thing people are never good at seeing themselves as others see them.  A coach really, really helps.” If all famous athletes and high-powered business executives have coaches, should you?  To get to the top of your game and stay there, you need an executive and leadership coach, reach out to us and meet our coaches.  Find out how you can move beyond your current limitations and achieve your aspirations.


How can we help you?


Working with an executive and leadership coach is a transformative process that changes your perspective and enables you to perform at your highest level and maximize the opportunities ahead of you.  This includes:

  • Feel more confident in your choices
  • Achieve a better work-life balance
  • Improve working relationships
  • Sharpen your focus
  • Identify and achieve your personal goals



Step 1

Choose a service

Find the best coaching option to help you tackle (and overcome) your current career obstacle.

Step 2Book a career coachExplore our roster of top-notch career coaches who provide the service you need. Check out reviews from other customers to help you pick the right one.

Step 3

Decide on a time

Your career coach will reach out to you within one business day to schedule your first appointment.

Step 4

Get started!

Meet with your career coach for a session by phone or video—and kick your career into high gear!



The first difference is that we are executive coaches who add a unique blend of leadership coaching to our services. Our team is trained and certified in Leadership Circletm, Daring Waytm and Playing Bigtm. Combining our deep insights on leadership coaching with executive coaching, we feel we offer a very unique service.

Additionally, we have a very strong team of executive coaches who bring decades of corporate experience to bear along with cutting-edge training and a track record of successful engagements. Finally, when you work with Wolfgang Career Coaching you’ll find a caring and hard-working team that leads with their values and believes in the power of transformation.


Executive Coaching Services

Our executive coaching practice is headed by  an experienced team both with years of experience helping executives achieve personal and business goals. Specifically, our executive coaching services include:

  • Developing the skills needed to manage new areas you are now in charge of
  • Overcoming business challenges and finding opportunities in them
  • Helping you stay focused and accountable
  • Identifying and modifying leadership gaps
  • Working on communication issues with teams and individuals

Let us help you reach your goals, positively impact your organization and become the leader you are capable of being. Get your free 1/2 hour consultation by calling +237 233322696 or by completing the form on the right.


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